Best CHI Flat Iron

Best Chi Flat Iron

The original CHI flat iron was one of the first on the market. And since day one, CHI has always been known as the best. My first flat iron was a CHI and it lasted me for YEARS! Since its debut, CHI has faced major competition, but still ranks among the top flat irons. They have released several new models recently, and in a variety of fun colors and prints. Ever wondered which one is the best Chi Flat Iron model? Read on to find out!

CHI Original Pro 1″ Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener

CHI Original PRO

This is the OG CHI! I originally purchased this flat iron about 8 years ago and it lasted me for ages. When ordering the Original CHI, I noticed it is still available in the original matte black color. There are also some fun color options and interesting prints to choose from. There is a metallic pink version, a pretty purple damask print, and a blue “wild leopard” version. The “wild leopard” model comes with interchangeable shells, so your iron can change the look of your CHI hair straightener. I eventually settled on the 5 CHI pro limited edition model in Moroccan Sunrise print. It is BEAUTIFUL!

CHI Moroccan Sunrise

The features of the CHI original flat iron have mostly stayed the same over the years. The big update is the Tourmaline coating on the ceramic flat iron plates of the CHI original pro. The tourmaline coating improves even heat distribution,  and reduces static electricity. It is also better able to trap in the moisture keeping hair healthier. Because the tourmaline coating is so effective at heat distribution you can get better results from a lower temperature setting.

The CHI original pro has a 30 second heat up time, and a max temperature of 392 degree Fahrenheit. This is the temperature CHI suggests allows you to get straight smooth hair quickly, without intense damage to your locks.

The CHI original pro flat iron has a simple on and off switch located on the inside handle of the iron. I have always liked this feature because it makes it difficult to accidentally switch the iron off while in use. The CHI pro original has a swivel cord that allows you to rotate the iron around your head with out becoming tangled. The cord also features a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) with a reset button on the plug.

What I have always loved about the CHI brands stays true with their updated version of the CHI original pro series. I can straighten my frizzy, wavy hair in 20 minutes using this flat iron. I notice that I can achieve a straight look by passing through the hair slowly about 1 or 2 times. With other flat irons it can take up to 5-6 passes to get the desired look.

With the CHI original pro air flat iron, I am able to get really close to my scalp at the top of my head which is hard to reach for some other bulkier straightening irons. Even when the weather is humid, my style holds all day when using the CHI original pro. Another thing I love about the CHI original pro is that it is extremely easy to flip, wave, and curl using this flat iron. Because the CHI original pro has a thin 1 inch ceramic plates, it produces beautiful curls in seconds!

CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Hairstyling Iron

CHI Air Teal

The CHI Air Expert Flat Iron is a new model of professional flat irons from the CHI brand. It has a few key differences that distinguish it from the CHI original pro. The CHI Air Expert is a bit lighter weight than the CHI original pro, but features a similar style and plastic housing case as the original. It’s coolest feature is a new temperature dial. This allows you to choose a setting between 180 and 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

The CHI air expert does not feature the 30 second quick heat up speed that the CHI original pro has but it does heat up very quickly. The CHI Air has an LED light that flashes while it is heating, and stays lit when it has reached temperature. Similar to the CHI original pro, the CHI air expert also features Tourmaline coating, and a swivel cord with GFCI reset button.

The CHI air expert flat iron is available in a variety of colors, but not as many cool patterns as the CHI original pro. I opted for the pretty teal color, however it was a close race between that and the pink and shiny black onyx.

Overall I liked that the CHI air expert was lighter than the CHI original and I was quicker to straighten my hair with this model. It helped that I cranked the temp up to the 405 degrees near the max. Despite the fact that my hair got straight more quickly with the CHI air, it did not hold as well in humidity. When using the CHI Air expert to curl or wave my hair, it worked wonderfully just like the CHI original pro. I had no trouble with the style holding all day, no matter the humidity levels. Another thing to note with the CHI Air is that the temp wheel setting is on the side of the flat iron, so its easy to accidentally move the dial while you are using it if you are not careful.

CHI Pro G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic Flat Iron


1)The CHI Pro G2 is the second generation of flat irons from CHI. The CHI G2 is also has 1 inch iron plates, very similar in size and design to the other CHI irons. There are many differences from the CHI Original Pro, and the CHI Air flat irons however. The CHI G2 features Titanium infused ceramic plates. The Titanium allows the ceramic plates to heat up quickly, and make the plates themselves very durable. The G2 iron heats up within 40 seconds, and can reach up to 425 degrees.

The G2 has and LCD screen to show the temperature which is an awesome feature. Another awesome upgrade with the CHI G2 is the pre set temperature setting modes. The guide shows you what setting to use based on your hair type and it is color coded. Green reaches 370 degrees for fine hair types. Blue reaches 395 degrees for medium and wavy hair types. Finally Red reaches 425 degrees for coarse/resistant hair types. The CHI G2 iron also features the swivel cord, and GFCI reset buttons like the other CHI original and CHI Air.

Overall I liked that the G2 flat iron can reach a really high temperature which I need on days when its very humid outside. I also liked that the temperature setting and on and off switch are located on the inside of the iron so that I do not accidently change them while in use. I was able to save a few minutes when straightening with the G2 iron, and am able to achieve straight locks within 15 minutes. This iron does feel slightly heavier that the CHI original and CHI Air, however it curls and waves just as nicely.

The only thing I disliked about the G2 is that is only comes in the standard black color, which is a little disappointing when you see all the amazing color options you can choose for the CHI Original and CHI Air models.

Which one is the Best CHI Flat Iron?

best chi flat iron

The CHI G2 is the winner out of the three CHI irons hands down! It has a few key upgrades that make it faster to use. The tourmaline coating on the ceramic plates keep my hair shiny and help achieve an even result. I like the adjustable temperature setting options for the days my hair is more difficult to straighten.  The CHI G2 is a perfect improvement in the original CHI line, and the best CHI flat iron overall. I know I will keep mine around (hopefully) for years!

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