Best Rose Water Spray

Rose water spray (also known as rose water setting spray)  is the newest beauty trend that will leave you with fresh, glowing, summer skin. Can’t decide which rose water spray is best for you? Check out our handy buying guide to find the best rose water spray for you!

What is Rose Water Spray?

Rose water spray is a facial mist that you can apply to your face before or after makeup, or anytime you need a facial refresher! Rose water is known to hydrate skin, reduce puffiness, and works wonders to set your makeup.

Check out which one is best for you based on your skin needs!

Best Rose Water Spray For Sensitive Skin

Herbivore Botanicals Rose Water Spray - Best Rose Water SprayThis rose water spray by Herbivore is lightweight and gentle, perfect for sensitive skin. The spay has a base of organic coconut water, and youth-boosting hibiscus. The Herbivore spray also uses Bulgarian rose to hydrate & tone skin.

While this product works well for all skin types, it is Paraben Free, Sulfate free, Alcohol-free, and Cruelty free- perfect combo for those with sensitive skin.

We love that this spray is handcrafted in small batches, and the simply classic bottle design makes it pretty to boot. 

Best Rose Water Spray For Dry Skin

Alteya white Rose Spray - Best Rose Water SprayThis rose water spray by Alteya Organics works very well to keep skin hydrated. Alteya uses 100% pure, steam distilled white rose water, and the Rosa Alba blossoms they use are one of the rarest oil-bearing roses.

This spray has lighter and more delicate floral aroma than other rose sprays, and the formula makes skin feel soft and smooth. We love that this rose spray gives skin a nice hydrated glow!

Best Rose Spray For Oily Skin 

Pure Rose Spray - Best Rose Water Spray

This rose water spray by Poppy Austin works as a hydrating toner, making it a great choice for oily skin. The formula uses moroccan rose water  which gives skin a heathy glow while absorbing excess oils.

It also restores skins PH balance, soothes redness, and gives your skin a nice fresh look. It can be used before makeup, and throughout the day to absorb oils.

We love the sturdy apothecary size bottle, but if you prefer a spray nozzle you can attach one easily.

Best Rose Water Spay OverallMario Badescu Rose Water - Best Rose Water Spray

The Mario Basescu rose water spray is one of the most popular out there for a reason. It works well for freshening up tight dry skin, and leaves the perfect glow over top of makeup when used as a setting spray.

The formula is heavier weight which will not smudge your makeup, and will stick with you all day.

We love that it smells amazing, is affordable, and comes in a handy lightweight spray bottle.

We hope you enjoyed checking out our rose water spray buying guide, and hope you find the best one for your skin! Happy spraying! Protection Status