6 Ways To Get Perfect Heatless Curls

Sometimes your hair just needs a break. After years of coloring and styling it with heat tools, my naturally wavy hair has lost some of it’s texture. Lately I have been wanting to wear my hair curly, but I don’t want to damage it further.

Thankfully I have come across some easy ways to make my hair look amazing, without any heat.

If you are looking for some simple ideas for heatless curls look no further! Check out our 6 ways to get perfect heatless curls!

1. Spoolies Hair Curlers

Spoolies - Heatless Curls Thank god curlers have come a long way since the plastic snapped foam ones, that were all the rage when I was a kiddo. These fantastic redesigned curlers are called Spoolies. They are heatless curlers made from a super soft silicone, making them one of the most comfortable curlers I have ever tried.

I loved using the Spoolies because they are easy to put in, and you can easily control the kind of curls you want. You can roll bigger pieces for loose waves, or tighter smaller sections for small ringlets.

The kit contains 24 rollers, which is perfect for medium to long hair. The Spoolies come in a range of cute colors, and they even have a glow in the dark version.

2. Curlformers Long Barrel Curls Styling Kit

Curlformers- Heatless CurlsCurlformers also have an innovative design, aimed to take all the confusion out of applying curlers. The kit has 2 different color curlers, one for clockwise curls and one for counter clockwise curls. You can apply the curlers very quickly, thanks to the unique design.

You use the styling hook to grab a strand of hair, and then you pull it down into the curler where it instantly snaps into a perfectly rolled curl. Pretty neat!

This kit consists of 40 rollers, and 2 styling hooks. What I really loved about this kit was that I could cover my whole head in about 5 minutes, which is really impressive. The curls themselves turn out to be pretty barrel curls, for soft beachy wave.

They also have a kit for tighter corkscrew curls. These curlers are also perfect for kids who won’t sit still, and are so easy to use that a child could do it themselves (with a little practice).

3. Conair Styling Essentials 18 Pillow Soft Rollers 

Conair Pillow Soft Curlers - Heatless CurlsConair is one of the top names in hair care, so it is no surprise that they also have some innovative ideas for heatless curls. These pillow soft curlers are made from a super soft foam wrapped around a thin wire.

You simply roll the hair around the foam strip, and secure the curl by twisting the wires. They are very easy to use, and are surprisingly comfortable to sleep in.

I found out through trial and error that these curlers have to applied in a consistent way to get a uniform looking result. At first I was using a mix of bigger and smaller pieces, to see which looked best.

I personally like the look of bigger barrel curls, but you can easily make tight ringlets with this kit too. These curlers are not as durable as the Spoolies or Curlformers since the wire could easily poke out the end of the fabric, but if cared for properly it should’t be an issue.

For the price they are a great option for overnight heatless curls.

4. CharlieCurls: No Heat Hair Curler 

CharlieCurls: No Heat Hair Curler - Heatless CurlsThe CharlieCurls is probably the most unique device for curling your hair, and was invented by a little girl named Charlie. It is also probably the easiest and quickest way to heatless curls, because you can put it in your hair in less than 30 seconds.

It is kind of like a headband. You simply flip your hair over your head, and roll up all your hair starting at the ends.

You end up looking pretty silly while it is in your hair (not that any curlers make you look amazing) and it isn’t the easiest to sleep in, but it is the easiest to use. The CharlieCurls works great even on very fine and thin hair, and gives a unique result to everyone.

The CharlieCurl is great for people who don’t want to spend a long time applying curlers, making it great for kids and busy moms. It also works great on fine and thin hair, and the longer you leave it in, the better the curls.

5. Macadamia Professional Activating Curl CreamMacadamia Professional Activating Curl Cream - Heatless Curls

If you are not one to dedicate time to using hair curlers, there are some great products that will bring out your curls. This Activating Curl Cream from Macadamia Professional brings out natural waves and texture, turning them into pretty curls.

It works best when applied to damp hair, and then you can air dry or use a diffusing hair dryer on cool setting, for heatless curls!

6. Diego Dalla Palma Ricciofluido Active Curl Lotion

diego dalla palma Ricciofluido Active Curl Lotion - Heatless CurlsDiego Dalla Palma’s Active Curl Lotion works to enhance your hairs natural texture. The results are soft, natural, bouncy waves and no frizz! I love that this Active Curl Lotion repairs and nourishes my hair, even after I used a diffuser.

To keep this totally heat free, use on slightly damp towel dried hair, and make sure to coat evenly on the ends. A little goes a long way, but focus it on the ends of hair rather than towards the scalp for more relaxed curls.

Enjoy Your Heatless Curls

And there you have it- 6 easy and totally heat free ways to perfect looking curls! Your hair will enjoy the break from heat tools, and you will be thrilled to see how much time you can save by opting for a heatless curl style. Happy Curling!

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