The 10 Best Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are one of life’s little luxuries that can turn your bath time into a spa like experience. They’ve recently had a pretty big comeback, thanks to some of the innovative shapes and smells that take your bath to the next level. Bath fizzies are not only a great way to kick back and destress, but their fun colors make them a fantastic gift idea. If you’re wondering where to buy bath bombs, you’re in luck! Here are the best bath bombs you can get your hands on right now!

8 USA Made Vegan Bath Bombs Kit by Hanza

Best bath bombs

This set of 8 vegan bath bombs by Hanza is handmade in the United States with all organic ingredients. They are really comparable to the infamous Lush Bath Bombs in size and quality, and this set is a a great value for the money. They don’t look like cheap bath bombs, (though the price is low) and are packaged beautifully with colorful paper. Each one has got a different scent and formula for the ultimate relaxation experience. 

Bath Bombs Set – Luxury Bath Fizzies by ME! Bath

best bath bombs

This pack of mini bath bombs by Me! Bath are adorable little bath balls that will bring your tub to life. This set contains 3 packages, and each package contains 6 mini bath bombs. The mini bath bombs do dissolve faster than some of the larger brands, however you can slowly add them over the life of your bath to draw out the experience. The Me! bath bombs come in 9 lovely scents like cucumber melon and birthday cake. They are also cruelty free made in right in the United States.

Bath Bombs Gift Set 12 USA made Fizzies by LifeAround2Angels

best bath bombs

These are some of the best bath bombs around because they’re really inexpensive for a set of 12. Each one has a different color and scent profile, so they make an excellent gift. This set is really popular as a group gift since they’re individually wrapped and easy to share. This set of bath fizzies is also hand made right in California, using natural ingredients.

8 Bath Bombs Gift Set by Aroma Bee 

best bath bombs

These are arguably the cutest bath bombs ever made, because they are shaped like macarons! This set of 8 pink bath fizzies are packaged beautifully, and have a lovely rose oil scent. Rose oil is great for moisturizing skin and improving skin elasticity, and smells fantastic. They are also are some of the best bath bombs to give as a gift, because they look just like a tasty treat

Bath Bombs XL Gift Set of 6 by HomeEco

best bath bombs

If you like to soak in the tub with your favorite cocktail, than this bath bomb set by HomeEco will be right up your alley. Each one of these bath balls is named after one of your favorite beverages. From the Mojito to the Pomegranate champagne, every one of these delightful bath fizzies smells amazing. This set will make bath time your favorite time of the day, and this bath bomb set makes a fantastic gift!

Mermaid Love Potion Bath Bombs Set with Ring Inside by Jackpot Candles

best bath bombs

If you’re a surprise lover, you will really enjoy these fabulous Mermaid Bath Bombs by Jackpot Candles. They both have a lovely citrus scent, but the real bonus is that inside each bath bomb is a gorgeous sparking ring! Each ring is valued between $15 and $5000 dollars, so you’ll be really excited for the bath bomb to dissolve and reveal your ring. These bath bombs have beautiful packaging, and make excellent gifts for girls.

 Mini Sparkly Little Black Dress Bath Bombs by Intimate Bath and Body

Best Bath Bombs

You’ve probably seen the viral videos of the memorizing effect that black bath bombs have when they enter the water, turning the bath water into a starry night sky. This bath bomb set by Intimate Bath and Body come in a cute little tin package, and they smell amazing! The scent is a mixture of  black rose, blood orange, sandalwood, and will leave your skin feeling soft and sexy!

Love Bomb Bath Bombs Set – Luxury Bath Fizzies by Pure Sanctumbest bath bombs

These large bath bombs are all about the Love! This bath bomb set by Pure Sanctum includes 4 love themed bath bombs, each with a different scent. These pink bath balls are vegan, and are covered with pink and white heart decorations. They are a great gift to share with a loved one, and the bombs are loaded with refreshing shea butter to leave skin smooth and smelling fabulous. 

Bath Bomb Gift Set 3 XL Cupcakes By Plush Bath Bombs

best bath bombs

As soon as you see these Plush Bath Bombs, you will be wanting to take a big bite! These cupcake shaped bath bombs are filled with Mediterranean Sea Salt, which works really well to relax and soothe tired muscles. These are some of the best bath bombs because they take a long time to dissolve, letting your enjoy the fizziness for longer. The are individually wrapped in adorable packaging, making them a great gift for birthday parties, and baked goods lovers alike!

Bath Bombs Gift Set – Luxury Bath Fizzies by Pure Sanctum

best bath bombs

These Luxe bath bombs come in the chicest packaging of any set I have ever seen! Inside the box you’ll find a guide describing the scent profile of each of these fantastic bath balls. The great thing about the Pure Sanctum brand is that their bath bombs are larger than a tennis ball, and take a pleasantly long time to dissolve. Your skin will feel soft and silky afterwards, and the pretty packaging makes them a great professional gift!

And here you have it, the 10 best bath bombs you can get your hands on! Enjoy your relaxing baths, and happy bath bombing! Protection Status