Best Tattoo Removal Cream

When we pick a tattoo, it always seems like something we will want to have forever. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always end up being the case. Whether it’s a case of Spring Break regret, or a faded piece that has lost it’s charm, sooner or later you may want that ink gone. That is where tattoo removal cream comes in handy.

Since laser tattoo removal is expensive, and can be painful, many people turn to at home tattoo removal treatments to fade away their unwanted ink. These DIY Tattoo remover creams are cost effective, and work to slowly fade the tattoo ink until you can’t see it anymore. We have reviewed the best tattoo remover creams that will work to eliminate your old tattoos and leave your skin looking healthy.

Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Beauty Deals

UPDATE: New Deals for Black Friday 2017Β 

Best Beauty Deals For Black Friday And Cyber Monday

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time to save on your favorite beauty brands, and stock up on those special gifts for all your the beauty lovers on your list! Here are the top picks for the best 2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Beauty Deals!

Best Hair Dryer Holder And Hair Dryer Stand

Blow drying your hair is one of those necessary tasks that we really don’t enjoy. Blow dryers are heavy, and get difficult to hold for extended periods of time. Luckily, there are a few time saving devices that will help you speed through your blow drying routine. Some of the most effective solutions for this annoying problem are hair dryer holders and hair dryer stands. These devices hang on to your blow dryer for you, so you can focus on getting great looking hair! We checked out the best hair dryer holders and hair dryer stands to see which ones will make your hair routine easier.

Baby Foot Peel Review

We try our best to take care of our feet, but with a busy beauty routine, they often get neglected. Whether your feet are dry, cracked, or you’ve got some pesky callus problems, you’ve probably wondered how to get rid of the issue quickly and easily! Fortunately, foot peels are here to combat any foot issue you’re facing! Check out our Baby Foot Peel Review to see how this easy to use product helps revitalize your feet.

Best Argan Oil Hair Treatment

If you’re like me, your hair suffers some pretty major wear and tear on a regular basis. With the straightening, curling, blow drying, and coloring, the damage can rack up pretty quickly. If you’ve noticed you hair is dry, damaged, or dull, rest easy knowing there a solution. All you need to nurse it back to health, is a little help from one of our top picks of the best argan oil hair treatment brands!

The Best Hair Growth Serum

So many of us ladies face this problem: our hair has stopped growing. Maybe it’s due to excessive damage, (thanks a lot blow dryers) or maybe it is because you are stressed out. Whatever the reason for your hair woes, you are probably wondering what to do about it! Luckily, there are a few great ways to get your hair growing again!

The 10 Best Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are one of life’s little luxuries that can turn your bath time into a spa like experience. They’ve recently had a pretty big comeback, thanks to some of the innovative shapes and smells that take your bath to the next level. Bath fizzies are not only a great way to kick back and destress, but their fun colors make them a fantastic gift idea. If you’re wondering where to buy bath bombs, you’re in luck! Here are the best bath bombs you can get your hands on right now!

Best Tea Tree Oil For Acne

Tea tree oil is one of natures little miracles. You’ve probably heard of it’s health benefits, in curing things like dandruff, or keeping bugs away. What you may not know is, it’s great for keeping skin clear, and dermatologists often recommend using tea tree oil for acne.

But why is tea tree oil so great for clearing up bad skin? Find out all this, plus the best brands of tea tree oil for acne, in our in depth review!

How Does Tea Tree Oil For Acne Help Skin?

Best Coconut Oil Hair Mask

If you haven’t heard of the restorative benefits of using coconut oil for hair by now, you may as well have been living under a rock. Coconut oil for damaged hair is the absolute best way to restore your hair back to it’s natural beauty. Using a coconut oil hair mask not only repairs your locks, but even helps your hair grow longer!

But what makes coconut oil so great for your hair? Find out the answer, plus discover which brands make the best coconut oil hair masks, in our guide below! Protection Status